•  The Kinneret Trail

    Historical and holy sites shared by the three major religions are part of the landscape and culture of the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding area for generations.

    What to do ?

    Church of the 12 Apostles
          - Greek Orthodox
    St. Peter 's Church - Tiberias
    Church of Mount of Beatitudes
    The Church of Bread and Fish
          in Tabgha
    Guest House - Pilgerhouse in
    House of Petrus - Capernaum
    The oldest church - Taba
    Kursi National Park
    Domus Galila - School of the
    Korazim - Monastery of an
          antiquities site
    Yardenit - a baptism site in
    Kibbutz Ginosar - the boat of
          Jesus Christ
    Hamat Gader - Roman baths and antiques.
    The hidden waterfall - the
          spring of Job
    Hokuk Fortress.

     Attractions for the whole family - Reptinig in the Jordan River, kayaking and tubing,
    Tom Car, Jeeps and SUVs.

    Link: Galilee Development Authority

    ** Christianity - Kursi and Tel Bet Zidia One of the most important places of Christianity in Israel and Banias.